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Serving The Label Printing & Fabrication Industries

Action Rotary Die, Inc. researches and develops new techniques everyday to improve die life. By adding different types of steels, utilizing a new heat treating process, implementing molecularly enhanced steels, and specialty nonstick coatings the Action Rotary Die products are at the top of the industry standard. They continuously strengthen the machining and sharpening departments with improvements in equipment and processes to keep those standards high.

Action Rotary Die services a diverse customer base and state-of-the-art technology, using:

  • CNC machining centers
  • CNC turning centers
  • CAD/CAM equipment to design and manufacture precision, through-hardened tool steel rotary dies

A wide variety of products are available to fit specific needs, including:

  • Anvil rolls
  • Print cylinders
  • Deep engraving
  • TORKIT digital die pressure gauge system
  • CNC rotary dies
  • Removable blade sheeter and perf dies
  • Air eject dies
  • Vacuum dies
  • Multi-level dies
  • Molecularly enhanced dies
  • Thermal cutting dies
  • Adjustable scoring units
  • Male/female die sets

For all products, a variety of high quality steel is offered:


Our standard grade heat treated steel. Recommended for most pressure sensitive applications and limited run metal-to-metal applications where economy and time are crucial.


Our medium grade heat treated steel. Recommended for mid run metal-to-metal and mid to long run pressure sensitive applications. Suggested for most air-eject applications.


Our high grade through hardened tool steel. Recommended for long run pressure sensitive and metal-to-metal applications and high abrasive substrate runs. Ideal for long run air-eject applications.


Our premium grade through hardened tool steel. Recommended for your most demanding and abrasive pressure sensitive and metal-to-metal applications.

If you are interested in any of these services please call us toll-free today at (800) 736-6158 or click here to email us.